A startling collection of short stories from one of the acknowledged Masters of bizarre BDSM.'The Blacksmith's Captive' is the tale of a girl found unconscious in the countryside who ends up wearing an elaborate iron harness.'Not a Pony-girl, a Pony' is the story of a girl who finds her true vocation at the hands of her Master.'Home Comforts' is a black on white lesbian Mistress-slave relationship.'Living With Thomas' is the tale of two girls and an Eastern phallus which becomes a permanent part of one girl's body.'21st Century Technology' is the elaborate physical alteration of one wife to suit her husband's perfect dream.'Turquoise Flower' is the story of the acquisition by the narrator of a Tibetan orphan girl, trained to be his sex slave.'Special Pleasure' is one wife's confession.'Make Your Own Way' is a tale of the consequences of washing your windscreen with precious water in the middle of the desert.Finally, 'Lo's Wife' is the savage tale of a native's acquisition of a white woman and its tragic finale.Every woman is a captive in some way or another, willing and unwilling, loving and hating, bound by real and invisible chains to the person dominating her. A set of stories for everyone

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