Royal Betrayal An explosion left Zara with disturbing visions, no memory and a sexy American doctor. Walker was thrilled when his new patient turned out to be Zara. They'd shared an unforgettable night seven years before and he was determined to reignite Lady Zara's memories... More Than a Mission Restaurateur Elizabeth Moore looked more like a princess than a prince killer, an assassin. Whereas undercover agent Aidan looked like a real bad boy to Elizabeth, but she needed a bartender. Then she discovered what Aidan suspected... Now Elizabeth faced irreparable danger to her heart. The Rebel King Paris is a perfect haven for a runaway prince. But then Rhia is assigned to bring Prince Nikolas, a man she once shared a heart-stealing kiss with, back to Silvershire. Trouble is brewing and Nikolas plunges into a hotbed of scandal and intrigue, ready to risk the throne for a love that comes only once in a lifetime... CAPTURING THE CROWN Silvershire's monarchy is in upheaval...

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