Queen Caralissa has hair of red and nerves of steel, but when a powerful enemy captures her, she soon learns what it is to submit.The barbarian warlord Varik makes Caralissa his slave, and to her horror she finds herself yielding to his training, becoming his obedient pet. Ransomed by her people, Caralissa thinks the worst is over, but she soon learns that her sister Romila, and Romila's lover, Telos, have conspired against her. A mockery of a trial takes place, resulting in Caralissa becoming a slave in her own castle, but intrigues continue and soon Romila finds herself chained beside her sister by the treacherous Telos.As the new king, Telos decides to sell both girls to a brothel after making thorough use of their captive bodies.Meanwhile Varik is trying to track down his former slave. Will Caralissa be rescued from her fate as a pleasure slave, and if so, will she ever be anything but a submissive female who craves the lash?

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