The fundamental science and the latest developments in carbohydrate-based vaccinesThe relatively new field of glycoimmunology has emerged from the marriage of glycobiology and immunology, in recognition of the important role carbohydrates play as antigenic determinants. Carbohydrate-Based Vaccines and Immunotherapies comprehensively reviews the state of this exciting field, offering a single source for both the fundamental science and the latest developments.With contributions by leading experts, this resource covers the design, synthesis, evaluation, and applications of various carbohydrate-based vaccines, including polysaccharides, neoglycoproteins, and neoglycolipids. The text approaches vaccine design from a chemical and molecular focus, staying in line with current advances.Key topics covered by Carbohydrate-Based Vaccines and Immunotherapies include:Recent developments towards clinically useful vaccines against bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungiUsing adjuvants to improve immunogenicity and/or immunological properties of vaccinesChoosing and designing proper adjuvants for specific targetsAbnormal carbohydrates expressed by tumorsCarbohydrate-based therapeutic cancer vaccines or cancer immunotherapyClinical trials results for synthetic cancer vaccinesGlycoengineering of cell surface carborhydrates and its anticancer applicationsUsing cell surface carbohydrates for disease diagnosisA single, convenient source of state-of-the-art information from leading authorities in the field, Carbohydrate-Based Vaccines and Immunotherapies is an essential reference for organic chemists and biochemists, academic researchers, and other students and professionals involved in vaccine design.

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