This book examines the relationship between quality of care and quality of life of frail older persons who are dependent on external support and care. Quality of life in old age has become a key issue within gerontology and health and social care research. The book specifically addresses this issue by developing a new concept of care-related quality of life. Key questions addressed include: what are the determinants of care-related quality of life in old age? How can care contribute to and support the quality of life of older clients? And how should care be managed to facilitate good quality and effective care? The book addresses these issues by providing theoretical and methodological perspectives on the problem area, together with chapters based on original empirical research. The research was financed by the EU, and it involved studies in Finland, Estonia, Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom. This book contributes to the ongoing discussion on the concept of quality of life, and theories and methods for studying it. The book also aims to give a new stimulus to the study of the effectiveness and efficiency of care, and to encourage further research on the topic of care-related quality of life. Further, it provides an efficient toolthe Care Keys Toolkitfor the evaluation and management of care.

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