Have you ever wondered if magic is real? Are you afraid to be called mad? Just because you know magic is real doesn't make you crazy. Open the carousel and begin to read and perhaps you will see and decide for yourself. Do you dream?Haunted by a ghost Ana escapes from her nightmares in the carousel. An ancient heirloom. There she longs for the life she had before, when her mum was happy, when they used to dance and sing. When her baby brother was alive. Ana awakes in her dreams to the Fae and a reunion with her Granddad. Here she finds a way to release her mum from the curse she is under. She is also introduced to her real father and told the long history of betrayal and rejection that has split the Nine Kingdoms. Ana also learns that she is an integral part of that treachery. The Queen of Swords, the Green Knight, Nan Filumena and Ana herself must confront the evil that has spread across the Kingdoms for two thousand years and rescue Ana's brother. But the Dark Fae are watching their every move, and the Fates are not helping. The cards set the four of them on a journey against Queen Mab that will either see darkness triumph forever or light restore the balance. Will the Prophecy be fulfilled, and the Covenant broken? If Ana becomes the Queen of Wands? Then the gateways between the worlds will close forever and there will be no more rainbows. This dark tale of Irish folklore continues in the saga of The Way of the Fool and prequels in The Emporium.

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