Sooner or later that plum position is going tobecome vacant at your workplace. You knowyoull want it, but can you get it? Ask yourself:Whats my track record? Am I smart enoughin the right areas? Do people like workingwith me? Do they respect me? Would theyfollow me if I were in charge?Am I CEO material?Any aspiring ladder-climber should be able toanswer these questionsbecause, without adoubt, the competition thinks it can.In CEO Material, D. A. Benton shows youhow to become highly visible and absolutelyindispensable to your organization. Youlllearn how to project confidence, even whensomething hasnt gone your way. Youll recognizethe value of being a generalist, able tocomprehend every facet of your businesssstructure and function. Youll find out how tokeep learning and growing so that you neverfeel stuck, much less appear so to decisionmakers. And most importantly, youll masterfour Cs that no true leader can be without:ConfidenceConstant CommunicationCraftsmanshipCoworker CollaborationInside, youll find a lifetime of top-levelprofessional development advice that canmake the difference. CEO Whisperer D. A.Benton is your guide to doing what mustbe done in order to make significant movesup the ladder. Its not just about showing up;its about having integrity, taking charge,accepting challenges, and making an ally outof everyone you work with.Conduct yourself like a CEO and youll befirst in line for each new promotion in yourfield. Transform yourself from an averageemployee to an indispensable corporateplayer with the help of CEO Material.

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