She's back! Gorgeous undercover reporter Alison 'Alley' Katt decides to put her new found love of fetish wear and bondage to practical use, researching a feature on the S&M clubs of Europe, little realising that the monstrous Ralph Hancock, whose 'slave farm' blackmail organisation she helped smash, is also back - and hell bent on revenge. Fabulously rich and bordering on insanity, Hancock is planning a fate for Alley that is truly worse than death - a life of anonymous slavery as a rubber-bound whore and ponygirl, available to any of his clients. Editor Mike Hallett, aging dominatrix Marcia Davenport and the delectable, latex loving Honey, race to save Alley before she is ultimately reduced to a mindless submissive. But Hancock's retribution is aimed at more than just the hapless journalist, and very soon there is a real danger that the would-be rescuers will, themselves, be in need of a saviour.

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