Questioning the way the business enterprise operates in contemporary society has become an established field of investigation. The rationale behind the book is simple. In the current global conversation, CSR (and other terms that are linked to it such as sustainability and corporate citizenship) tends to be as much about semantics as substance. Therefore, the key to this book is the fundamental idea that drivers for change should be found primarily within the heart of organisations and expressed through various implementation strategies. As long as organisations are not embracing CSR as a fundamental element in business continuity, it will remain a mixture of semantics, avoidance, compliance and social philanthropy. We hope this book can provide a contribution to the ongoing debate that rapidly needs to be deepened and elaborated, in both theoretical as well as practical hands-on terms. The aim and scope of the book is therefore to help capture and distil emerging implementation perspectives in terms of theory and practice in one concise volume. As such, it will hopefully help to unravel and demonstrate the possible changes and consequences due to the adaptation of a CSR.

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