The past few years have witnessed intense research in this fascinating field as well as many controversial discussions. Now the time is ripe for a comprehensive book covering not only theoretical aspects, but also such mechanistic topics as principles and mechanisms of photoinduced charge injection, transport and trapping in DNA, sequence-dependent DNA dynamics, spectroscopic investigations of hole transport and much more. From the contents:* Principles and Mechanisms of Photoinduced Charge Injection, Transport and Trapping in DNA* Sequence-Dependent DNA Dynamics: The Regulator of DNA-Mediated Charge Transport* Excess Electron Transfer in DNA Probed with Flavin and Thymine Dimer Modified Oligonucleotides* Dynamics of Photoinitiated Hole and Electron Injection in Duplex DNA* Spectroscopic Investigation of Oxidative Hole Transfer via Adenine Hopping in DNA* Chemical Probing of Reductive Electron Transfer in DNA* Chemical Approach for Modulating Hole Transport in DNA* Spectroscopic Investigation of Charge Transfer in DNA* Spectroscopic Probing of Ultrafast Structural Relaxation and Electron Transfer Dynamics in DNAEdited by Hans-Achim Wagenknecht, and written by renowned international authors, this book provides an excellent overview with high quality contributions, making it a "must-have" for everyone working in the field.

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