The latest addition to this lauded series, this reference collects pioneering research on the chemistry and physics of carbon surfaces and the structural properties of carbons. Written by distinguished researchers affiliated with respected institutions, such as the Instituto Nacional del Carbon (INCAR) and the University of Reading, Chemistry and Physics of Carbon provides a comprehensive overview of the molecular structure of carbons and demonstrates how modern computational and modeling methods may contribute to the prediction of carbon material adsorption, separation, and diffusion. Volume 29 bridges the gap between the flat and curved sp2 hybridized carbon structures and resolves controversies related to the formation of fullerenes and soot. It emphasizes theoretical interpretations and computer simulations that reflect the current trends in carbon surface physics and analyses and examines water/carbon interactions with a chapter by an authority on microporous carbons. This definitive source also summarizes current knowledge concerning all aspects of Chemical Vapor Deposition of diamond, and showcases its latest applications.

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