Chemokine Receptors and NeuroAIDS: Beyond the Co-receptor Function and Links to Other Neuropathologies focuses on unresolved or emerging issues concerning the role of chemokine receptors in neuronal injury and HIV neuropathology, including their ability to regulate fundamental neuronal and glial functions and their role in neurovirulence and neurotoxicity. Although the importance of these molecules in the CNS physiology and pathology is now apparent, these issues are still matter of debate, and further research is required to design effective pharmacological agents that specifically target the brain chemokine system without major side effects. To this end, specific topics have been selected and are reviewed by international experts within the basic science/medical community. This book encourages investigation in the most controversial areas and fosters interaction between clinicians and basic scientists. The book also increases awareness about differences in disease progression among different parts of the world as well as selected patient populations, which may also help identifying novel therapeutic strategies.

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