When Rachel's unborn baby dies, she and her husband Andrew focus upon their precious only son. Their dormant, silently-felt grief is slowly destroying their marriage and as Jono grows up and pulls away from them, Rachel finds herself to be resentful, lonely and without purpose. A chance encounter brings her into contact with an old woman whom she believes to be the mother of a friend who died as a teenager. But the woman denies that she ever even had a daughter, and wants nothing to do with Rachel. This friend - Vanessa - was adored, vibrant and exciting. Rachel is convinced the woman is Vanessa's mother, but how can she be sure? How could anyone deny the existence if their own child? There are frightening parallels with Rachel's own loss, and she cannot let it go. In desperation, Rachel tracks down Vanessa's brother, Simon, and slowly the two of them get drawn into a dangerous and destructive relationship...

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