How China is innovating for a cleaner, greener futureThe environmental challenges posed by China's vast manufacturing sector are well documented, but what isn't widely realized is that China is actually outstripping the West in all manner of green initiatives, renewable energy investments, research and development funding, and other areas essential to improving the health of the planet. China Fast Forward: A Blueprint of Technologies, Green Industries and Innovations Driving China's Future explores the progressive steps China is taking to reduce murderous pollution levels, an overweening reliance on fossil fuels, and toxic waste products destructive to human health and environmental well-being.China is also tirelessly working to overcome its technological deficiencies by driving R&D initiatives in government and business and adapting Western Internet platforms for domestic use. It is extending its technological reach through a major drive to rival India as a services outsourcing leader, and projecting its high-tech brands into the companies and homes of other countries. But whether China succeeds will depend on how it handles such issues as demography, energy dependency, and resource limitations. In this book, Bill Dodson explores China's reincarnation from a closed, agrarian nation into a modern, high-tech superpower bent on literally cleaning up its act.Presents an on-the-ground survey and analysis of China's renewable and clean energy sector that identifies the kinds of projects and technologies Chinese enterprises and local governments are hungry forIncludes discussions with China-based business owners who run for-profit sustainable businesses with supply chains in China and throughout Asia to give readers a clear view of change in processFeatures case studies comparing Chinese-only with Western and Indian services outsourcing companies based in China to help investors and business managers gauge the most appropriate business model for their China-based servicesTaking a look inside China's march towards greater sustainability, China Fast Forward presents a balance sheet of the country's technological and social progress toward becoming a world leader.

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