Now the second largest oil-consuming country after the US, China's growing need for resources will affect its development as well as that of its neighbors and other developing countries. Chinas Energy Relations with the Developing World examines Chinas access to the energy resources of the developing world and its impact on Chinese foreign relations.Contributed by experts in international relations and Chinese politics, the essays look at Chinas expanding relations with the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, Latin America, India; the security implications of Chinas quest for energy resources; and its impact on relations with world powers such as the US. The book also asks whether Chinas competition for energy resources will foster cooperation or conflict with other energy-consuming great powers.Chinas Energy Relations with the Developing World provides an accessible text that will appeal to students, faculty, and policy makers seeking to understand Chinese politics, energy policy, and the factors that may lie beneath key future geopolitical and security issues.

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