The Daddy Survey Sloan Chisholm stared down at the little girl before him. She and her younger sister were as cute as could be, but their mother was a real knockout. Sloan knew he was falling for them when he impulsively invited Emily Nelson and her daughters to stay at his Oklahoma ranch... The Other Brother Neighbour Melanie Pruitt had a close relationship with the Chisholm brothers. So when a simple dance with Caleb at a wedding reception led to an unexpected and steamy kiss, it stunned them both. Aroused and confused, Melanie soon realised Caleb meant to woo her. Would she gain a lover or lose her best friend? The Cowboy on Her Trail Small-town girl Blaire Harding had always kept bad boy Justin Chisholm at arm's length. Until one remarkable night. After which Blaire avoided Justin like the plague, leaving him to wonder why... Independent Blaire would rather raise their baby alone than marry a man who didn't love her!

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