The demand for child-care spaces is huge. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, approximately 13 million children under the age of six spend some or all of their day being cared for by someone other than their parents.The child-care shortage is everyone's problem for parents (whether you work outside the home or not), employers, and the children. The prospect of choosing the right childcare can be overwhelming. Put your mind at ease with Choosing Childcare For Dummies. This reference guide is brimming with practical advice to help you find high-quality childcare for the child in your life whether he or she is a biological child, stepchild, grandchild, foster child, or the child of your significant other.From figuring out affordability to knowing what to do if you suspect neglect or abuse, Choosing Childcare For Dummies covers it all. Inside the book you'll find out how toWeigh the pros and cons of your various child-care optionsDetermine high quality childcareEvaluate out-of-home childcareHire a nanny or a relative for in-home careGet guidance on the legal issues of being an employerConduct a reference checkDetermine if you need a "nanny cam"Recognize the ten signs that your child-care arrangement is in troubleEase your child into a new child-care arrangementFind back-up childcareBecause the United States has no countrywide child-care system in place, weve ended up with a patchwork quilt of regulations that dont quite mesh the way they should. This is why so many child-care programs are exempt from the child-care legislation thats intended to protect children. The bottom line? You cant count on anyone else to guarantee your childs health, safety, and well-being in a particular child-care setting. Like it or not, the buck stops with you. Thats why you owe it to yourself and your child to read books like this one that show you how to be a savvy day-care consumer.

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