The traditional Christmas classic novel by Charles Dickens adapted for the stage by award-winning playwright Gary Owen. Tucked up in his old, decaying house on a cold Christmas Eve, lonely, curmudgeonly Scrooge hears the rattle of chains and strange wailing noises:its the ghost of his old business partner, Marley, come to warn Scrooge that if he doesnt change his ways, he will suffer a terrible fate. Whilst Scrooge meets the three Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future, he must learn to embrace the true spirit of Christmas before its too late. Gary Owens adaptation translatesthe novels narrative fluently and portrays the Dickensian caricatures with flair and fun but not crudeness. Whilst translating the novel for the stage, he alsorefreshesthe 1843 morality tale of ghosts, poverty, avarice and the redemptive power of compassionfor a 21st century audience.

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