ChronopharmaceuticsScience and Technology for Biological Rhythm Guided Therapy and Prevention of DiseasesEdited by Bi-Botti C. YouanThe first standard reference on chronopharmaceuticsAs we better understand how biological processes unfold in real time through advances in chronobiology and related fields, we can create safer, more effective drugs, drug delivery systems, and disease monitoring and prevention systems. When administered in correct coordination with a patient's body rhythms, such drugs can maximize therapeutic outcome while minimizing unwanted side effects. Chronopharmaceutics presents the first standard reference text on this emerging cross-disciplinary field and its potential for therapeutic and preventive medicine.Bringing together the latest findings from experienced investigators, this edited work presents a much-needed single source on chronopharmaceutics. After an introduction that includes a timeline of key discoveries, an overview of regula-tory, formulation, manufacturing and key resource issues associated with chronopharmaceutics, the detailed coverage examines:ChronogeneticsChronopharmacokineticsChronotherapyControlled release systems triggered by physical and/or chemical activationChronopharmacodynamics, chronomics, and anesthesiaMarkers-guided chronotheranosticsFilling a gap in both the graduate classroom and the working industrial or research laboratory, Chronopharmaceutics offers students, instructors, and professionals a unique and comprehensive reference for this cutting-edge field.

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