Realizing maximum performance from high bit-rate and RF circuits requires close attention to IC technology, circuit-to-circuit interconnections (i.e., the interconnect) and circuit design. Circuit and Interconnet Design for RF and High Bit-rate Applications covers each of these topics from theory to practice, with sufficient detail to help you produce circuits that are first-time right. A thorough analysis of the interplay between on-chip circuits and interconnects is presented, including practical examples in high bit-rate and RF applications. Optimum interconnect geometries for the distribution of RF signals are described, together with simple models for standard interconnect geometries that capture characteristic impedance and propagation delay across a broad frequency range. The analyses also covers single-ended and differential geometries, so that the designer can incorporate the effects of interconnections as soon as estimated interconnect lengths are available. Application of interconnect design is illustrated using a 12.5 Gb/s crosspoint switch example taken from a volume production part.

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