With a variety of contributors from throughout Japan, involved in a range of both established and emerging forms of civic engagement from NGOs, NPOs, to other less mainstream organizations, the Editors have compiled a comprehensive volume to give a thorough insiders look at the state of civil society in Japan.Established forms of civic engagement include labor unions, and resident and citizens movements dating back centuries. In more recent years, Japan has seen a rise in third sector groups that parallels a rise worldwide, especially grassroots community organizations. From political engagement, to underground media, the authors of this volume closely examine Japans development in civic engagement.The lessons gleaned from the successes and shortcomings of civic engagement in Japan have strong applications internationally. The detailed and comprehensive coverage of this volume make it a useful resource for understanding not only Japanese social and political issues, but also the emergence of third sector organizations worldwidewhat works, what does not work so well, and what organizational structures are possible.

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