ClearView-F1, Williams FW14B, The Evolution and Development of the Williams Grand Prix Car 1991-1993


With top Formula 1 teams routinely eclipsing the half-billion dollar mark in an effort to maintain their elite status, it's easy to understand why they go to such extraordinary measures to protect the confidentiality of their not-so-small investments. For this reason, any details clear of a paint scheme in today's Formula 1 world have become completely covert to outside eyes. In 1992, Williams Grand Prix Engineering introduced their FW14B chassis to the world. Mated to Renault’s all-conquering V10 engine, it dominated Formula 1 like practically no car before. With ten victories – nine for Nigel Mansell, the Williams FW14B solidified its place in history as being the most successful chassis during an era dominated by electronic enhancements such as active suspension, traction control and on its successor, the FW15C, ABS braking. Williams Grand Prix opened up their doors exclusively to Andy Mathews and Sean Kelly, to allow them to document the evolution of the car from its initial...

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