Al Greenwood lives in a bungalow by the sea. His passions, in no particular order, are his Vanden Plas motorcar; his well-kept caravan (perfect for assignations); and his two Koi carp. But for now Al has something more pressing on his mind. His wife, Audrey, has got too much, and Al wants her gone. But she is tenacious, despite his best efforts, and Als nosey neighbours are also beginning to sniff around. Theres Mrs Poke Nose spying from the tree at the bottom of her garden; Kim the fisherman, catcher of the towns oldest lobster and lover of Miranda (also close to Als heart); and Detective Inspector Rump, whose instinct for human beings comes a poor second to his instinct for fish. And thats just for starters. How will Al evade his neighbours? Can he really orchestrate a cover-up of a cover-up? And what really happened that day on the cliff? Cliffhanger is a big ride through Little England, a thriller unlike any you will have read before, and a stunning debut from a wholly fresh and original new voice in crime fiction. Also available, only as an eBook, is Cliffhanger: the Other Text, the first complete, unedited version. It has a number of differences not the opening, that never changed, but the ending and some important bits in the middle.

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