The learn-by-doing way to master TrigonometryWhy CliffsStudySolver Guides?Go with the name you know and trustGet the information you need--fast!Written by teachers and educational specialistsGet the concise review materials and practice you need to learn Trigonometry, including:Explanations of All Elements and Principles* Angles and quadrants* Graphs of trigonometric functions* Trigonometry of triangles* Trigonometric identities* Vectors* Polar coordinates and complex numbers* Inverse functions, equations, and motionStrategic Study Aids* Clear, concise reviews of every topic* Summary of formulas* Table of trigonometric functions* Glossary* Materials designed for high school and college studentsProblem-Solving Approach and Tools* Diagnostic pretest to pinpoint areas that need extra study * Practice questions after every chapter--with answers and explanations* Full-length practice exam with review recommendations for questions you missWe take great notes--and make learning a snapMore than Notes!CliffsAP? CliffsComplete? CliffsQuickReview? CliffsStudySolver CliffsTestPrep?

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