The CliffsTestPrep series offers full-length practice exams that simulate the real tests; proven test-taking strategies to increase your chances at doing well; and thorough review exercises to help fill in any knowledge gaps.If you've ever experienced a memory meltdown during an exam, then Memory Power for Exams is your key to confident recall. In school, you learn large amounts of information on many topics. On top of that, you also must quickly and accurately remember selected information for exams. The memory systems described in this book willHelp you prepare for exams at school and elsewhereEnable you to quickly and accurately recall informationSpeed up the learning process and relieve you of homework drudgeryLiven up learning with imagination and creativityIn Memory Power for Exams, you'll figure out how memory aids work; discover a three-step strategy for recalling information; and learn a variety of memory methods. This guide also shows you how to apply the memory methods to subject such as history, foreign languages, sociology, and more:Chemistry. Terms and definitions; concepts; equations and how to derive them; properties of matterBiology. Classifications and descriptions of living organisms; major biologists and their contributionsMathematics. Formulas and what they stand for; rules and procedures; numbers and what they stand forEnglish: Vocabulary, spelling, grammar, and punctuationLiterature. Plots, themes, techniques; names of characters and their detailsStandardized tests. Verbal abilityWith guidance from the CliffsTestPrep series, you'll feel at home in any standardized-test environment!*SAT and PSAT are registered trademarks of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse this product.

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