The past 100 years are a key period for understanding climate variability and climate change as it marks the changeover from a climate system dominated by natural influences to a climate system dominated by anthropogenic influences. This volume compiles a number of contributions to a workshop held in Gwatt, Switzerland, in July 2006 dealing with different aspects of climate change, variability, and extremes during the past 100 years. The individual contributions cover a broad range of topics, ranging from the re-evaluation of historical marine data to the effect of solar variability on the stratosphere. 'This volume brings together a fascinating and varied set of papers on climatic variability and change. The papers highlight what modellers can learn by greater study of observations, while the latter were informed about the types of observations required to reduce model uncertainties.' Phil Jones, University of East Anglia 'The authors of this volume extend the classical reanalysis perspective for studying climate phenomena during the past 100 years!' Heinz Wanner, Director, Swiss NCCR Climate

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