While the bath was filling up, my eye fell on the razor in its case. Not the disposable kind, a handmade cutthroat razor. My heart skipped a beat. Then I shook my head. No. Stick to the plan. There's always next time.' Leon's partner died in his bath, and although the police report said she took her own life . . . she didn't. When he meets Margot, overweight, lacking in confidence and recently separated, he sees an opportunity. Her life's a mess. Who better to help her put it back together than a man who's recovering from his own girlfriend's tragic demise? Dragging her into a very intense, sexual relationship, which she realises, all too late, is one giant power game, Leon moves her into his flat and sets her up with a new career, introducing her to all the contacts she could need. How could she ever manage without him? If his ideas go to plan, she'll never need to worry about that.

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