A bumper bind-up of two fantastic stories about the friends from the After School Club. In Alex's Back, Alex has decided to keep her life simple. With one best friend and out-of-school stuff kept to a minimum, things were going fine. But everything gets complicated when she's asked to keep a secret, and then there's the secret about the secret! How is Alex ever going to keep things clear in her head? Jolene has got a whole heap of problems in Jolene's Back. She's just settling down to a fun holiday with her best mate Alex at the After School Club, when her stepdad, Darryl, turns up out of the blue. He's split up with her mum and has come to take her stepbrothers home - but where does that leave Jolene? She doesn't want to live with her mum - she just wants to stay with Darryl and the boys. There's only one thing for it - she'll have to go on the run . . . again.

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