Porsche's 911 is one of the most enduring icons in the sports car world. Though its simple lines and technical specification have evolved since its 1963 introduction, the basic profile has remained. In "Collector's Originality Guide: Porsche 911", author and Porsche expert Peter Morgan explains how the 911 has evolved, in all its various models and configurations, providing a matchless resource for collectors and restorers. With production numbers, options lists, chassis and engine numbers, and much more, the enthusiast looking to define 100 percent originality in their 911 can find all the information here. From the original 2.0-liter models to the most recent water-cooled 996s and 997s, each production variant is covered in detail. "Collectors Originality Guide: Porsche 911" is a terrific resource for any 911 collector, restorer, or enthusiast.

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