The competition to get into your college of choice has never been fiercer. Unfortunately, much of the application process is out of your hands. But one major aspect of the admission process is under your controlyour personal statement. Your application essay provides you with the opportunity to let your true, unique and totally irresistible self shine through.College Admission Essays For Dummies is your total guide to crafting application essays that will make people sit up and take notice. It demystifies the authority figures wholl judge your work, helps you decide what to write, and then arms you with the knowledge and skills you need to write your essay on time and on target. Step by step, it walks you through the entire essay-writing process, offering priceless tips on how to:Choose the best topic, tone, and structure for your essayCapture the crucial stories that reveal who you areAvoid common pitfalls that can sabotage your applicationOvercome writers blockKnow how to respond to unusual and off-the-wall essay questionsWrite successful short answers to specific application questionsCollege admission guru Geraldine Woods punctures common myths about application essays and tells you what you absolutely must do to write a good one. With the help of many inspiring and instructive killer essays, she shows you how to:Put yourself in the right mental state for writing wellGather ideas, focus on a topic and choose the best structure for your essayUse topic sentences, detail, and strong introductions and conclusionsWrite a rough draftShow rather than tell your storyMake sure your spelling and grammar are pitch perfectCreate smooth transitions and avoid repetitionsYour college application essay is your chance to show the committee that youre more than just a statistic. Let College Admission Essays For Dummies show you how to write admit-clinching college essays.

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