This atlas-like presentation covers the various faces of melanocytic skin lesions of cutaneous melanomas and other pigmented skin tumors. It encompasses the classical methods of morphology such as the clinical and dermoscopic examination and dermatopathology as well as the most up-to-date diagnostic approaches such as laser scanning in-vivo microscopy and automated diagnosis. The core of this book represents an atlas with excellent clinical, dermoscopic and histopathologic images on melanocytic nevi, various types of melanomas and relevant other pigmented skin tumors including basal-cell carcinomas. Each of these well illustrated entities is presented following the same structure characterized by definition, clinical and dermoscopic features, relevant clinical differential diagnosis as well as practical aspects of management. Core messages will recapitulate the most pertinent facets of each entity. This comprehensive up-to-date text informs the reader on all practical issues of the modern-day management of individuals with melanocytic skin lesions.

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