Its a tough economy for job-seekers, and it can be even more nerve-racking for women trying to juggle career and family. Women are used to being told that once we get off the career track, we cant get back on. In The Comeback, Emma Gilbey Keller proves that this isnt true: More and more, companies today are looking at the value of hiring returning mothers. In this encouraging book, Keller tells the stories of seven very different women from a variety of professions who sought to strike a balance between demanding careers and budding families. A new afterword looks at the personal balancing act of First Lady Michelle Obama. All of these women have complicated stories, filled with the choices, decisions, and trade-offs that all mothers face. An absorbing blend of story, insight, advice, and inspiration, The Comeback offers a positive message to mothers overwhelmed by the ever-shifting work-versus-home debate.

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