Health care is increasingly a market sector, but the process of commercialization is widely contested. Rising international trade in health services, migration of health care personnel, local health care market liberalization and privatization, cash payment within the public sector, increasing involvement of multinational companies: all these aspects have been promoted by a dominant framework of thought in international health policy that favours commercialization wherever possible. Health care commercialization poses enormous challenges for health planners and activists who aim to ensure decent health care for all. This book is the first to bring together economists and health policy and public health experts from across the world to address the issue of integrating these different aspects of health care commercialization. Based on original research, the book analyzes the causes and consequences of global and local commercialization in health care, and argues for the necessity and possibility of effective policy responses to develop good quality, inclusive health systems worldwide. The book aims to contribute to a shift in the international 'common sense' in health policy towards a more humane, inclusive, egalitarian and ethical framework for policy formulation.

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