Get a good start in flavor and fragrance chemistry!This book presents a survey of those natural and synthetic fragrance and flavor materials which are isolated and produced commercially on a relatively large scale because of their organoleptic characteristics. It provides information on their properties, methods employed in their manufacture, and their areas of application.'...The excellent and concise introduction to this unique industry is followed by extensive information on nearly 500 of the most used fragrance and flavor compounds. Names, molecular formula, physical data, odor and flavor descriptions, uses, and a number of processes for the larger volume chemicals are all included. Successive chapters deal with essential oils, animal secretions, quality control, toxicology and literature. The formula, name and CAS registry number index is an invaluable and timely addition.' Parfumer and Flavorist'...This book provides a lot of useful information in one place, and it is an especially good resource for somebody just entering the flavor and fragrance industry.' Journal of Medicinal Chemistry'You'll find much information in this book not found in other works.' Foster's Herb Business Bulletin'Particularly useful for natural product chemists, those in the product development and the curious.' Herbalgram

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