Whether it's for deployment overseas or cross-country trucking, commuting to "the city" during the week or seizing an opportunity on the other coast, you've found yourself in a commuter marriage. You and your spouse are happily married but suddenly living apart, causing you to worry about what that distance will do to you and to your marriage. Author and psychotherapist Tina B. Tessina has designed a program to help couples like you survive and thrive in long-distance relationships. In The Commuter Marriage, Dr. Tessina answers questions you will face about everyday living situations, such as how to: Keep the passion burning; Communicate effectively; Resolve conflicts; Raise healthy kids; Overcome jealousy and suspicions; and Manage your homes. With quizzes, exercises, and real couples' stories from Dr. Tessina's practice, you will see what works-and what doesn't. So, whether the decision to commute is voluntary or mandatory, you and your partner can keep the romance alive, your marriage intact, and your bond even stronger while you are apart!

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