Are you maximizing every opportunity to connect with participants before, during and after training? This is the focus of these 125 tested and proven-effective activities for trainers. The activities are grouped under five critical points of contact trainers have with participants * Making Contact Before the Workshop includes activities a trainer can do after the participants are identified or selected * Saying Hello at the Beginning of the Workshop presents activities for introducing the trainer, clarifying objectives and expectations, helping participants get better acquainted and leading warm-up activities * Making Transitions Within the Workshop offers activities for building on what participants have learned from the workshop and one another * Saying Goodbye at the End of the Workshop focuses on activities that help participants review what has been learned, develop a plan of action, celebrate and receive awards * Following Up After the Workshop includes strategies for reinforcing what participants have learned and ensuring continuous learning. Based on the principles of accelerated and adult learning, the activities have sound objectives and are fun with some utilizing all the senses. The activities are formatted for easy use with clearly marked objectives.

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