The growing popularity of selling options isundeniable, yet it remains one of the leastunderstood concepts in the trading world.This clear and engaging guide helps youenter the market with the confidence youneed and generate profits with a consistencythat may surprise you.Now in its second edition, The CompleteGuide to Option Selling is the only book thatexplores selling options exclusively. Sinceits original publication in 2004, much haschanged in the world of options, and theauthors have provided key updates to helpyou take advantage of these changes. Youllfind all the information youll need to startwriting options profitably in equities, stockindexes, and commodities and maximizeyour returns, minimize your risk, and evenmanage black swan events.With more than 38 years combined experiencein options trading, the authors explain:Basic mechanics of howprofessionals selltime premiumThe misunderstood subject ofmargins on short optionsMyths about option writingand why they still circulateKey factors to considerwhen building an optionsellingportfolioHow to control riskthe right wayEffective, time-tested strategiesfor selling premiumCommon mistakes beginnersmake and how to avoid themOption selling provides a high probability ofsuccess that is difficult, if not impossible, toachieve in any other investment. The CompleteGuide to Option Selling illustrates how to takefull advantage of this unique approach andmake it a profitable, high-yield component ofyour overall portfolio.Dont listen to the popular myth that optionselling is only for professionals. The secretis out, and individual investors can now runwith it. Read The Complete Guide to OptionSelling and learn how you can level the playingfield with the big guys. Its a lot easierthan you may think.

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