In Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict we meet Courtney Stone, a typical, modern LA girl - that is, until she wakes up one morning in Regency England in the body of Jane Mansfield. At first she thinks she must be dreaming - maybe shes read all of Jane Austens books a few too many times - but as time goes on she finds there is a lot she needs to get to grips with: a new accent, a new body, a wicked new 'mother, and most excitingly, a new man in her life: the dashing, dishy Charles Edgeworth. But is he a Darcy, a Wickham, or merely a confusing distraction? As Courtney trips through the social minefield of life in Jane Austens England she wonders: Will she ever get her twenty-first century, west-coast life back - and does she even want to?In Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict we get the other side of the story: JaneMansfield, a gentlemans daughter in 1813 England, has long wished to escape alife in which career choices are limited to wife or maiden aunt. But awakeningone morning in twenty-first-century Los Angeles - in the body of someone calledCourtney Stone - is not exactly what she had in mind. The only thing Janeappears to have in common with Courtney is a lovefor the novels of Jane Austen. But are the wise words of her favourite novelistenough to guide her through this bewildering new world? And what is she to makeof Courtneys attentive friend Wes, who is as attractive and confusing as theman who broke her heart back home? As Courtneys romantic entanglements becomeher own, Jane wonders: Would she actually be better off back in Regency England- and will she ever be able to return?These delightfully modern comedies of manners will appealto Austen fans everywhere who want a great read tocurl up with. PLUS enjoy Jane Austens classic Pride and Prejudice!

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