This book draws together preclinical assessment and clinical recommendations for complex anorectal disorders to create an integrated book. This practical guide looks at complex pathophysiologic conditions; pediatric patients; new procedures after artificial sphincter implantation; basic and complex psychological assessment; new radiologic approaches to patients with complex problems; and the post-operative patient with functional disorders. It uniquely includes 3-D ultrasound, transperineal ultrasonography and dynamic MRI not found in other texts on anorectal disorders. A useful reference manual for healthcare professionals with an interest in fecal incontinence - colorectal trainees, colorectal nurse specialists, those involved in coloproctology imaging. The book will also assist the clinical physiologist and biofeedback technologist, highlighting standardized treatments and their follow-up. The specialties of proctology, gynecology and urology are brought together in one text.

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