Group therapy presents the mental health professional with a unique set of problems and considerations. But while the issues that arise in a group setting and the kinds of decisions that need to be made are often quite unlike those encountered in individual therapy, the existing literature provides neither the inexperienced therapist nor the seasoned clinician with much guidance about how to address these complex problems.Complex Dilemmas in Group Therapy rectifies the situation. Edited by two of the field's leading practitioners and containing the work of more than two dozen experienced group therapists, this casebook provides a comprehensive look at the issues and problems unique to group therapy. The book is divided into seven sections, each devoted to a specific theme such as boundaries, enactments, projective identification, destructive group dynamics, and time-limited group therapy. After an overview of the given theme, each section includes three complex clinical dilemmas that fall under that rubric, and the responses of two seasoned clinicians to those dilemmas. Concluding each section is an extended theoretical discussion of the ways in which ideas about the particular topic have changed over time. This text is designed to appeal to both early-career group therapists and more experienced clinicians, and practitioners at all levels will find it an important resource for this growing therapeutic field.

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