What are motor abilities of Olympic champions? What are essential cognitive characteristics of Mark Spitz, Carl Lewis and Roger Federer? What are the secrets of selection for the future Olympic champions? Does for every sport exist a unique model of an Olympic champion? 'Complex Sports Biodynamics' gives modern scientific answers to the above questions. Its purpose is to give you the answer to everything you ever wanted to ask about sport champions and advanced tennis in particular. It dispels classical myths of a 'biomechanically sound' serve, forehand, and backhand, and describes and explains the physical and mental abilities of a champion in future tennis with full appreciation to the long-time world number one, Roger Federer. Regarding the future tennis champion model outlined in this book, the Federermodel will be taken as a basis. This book includes 12 chapters on various topics related to complex sports biodynamics, a strong list of references on sports science in general and tennis in particular, as well as a comprehensive index. To make the book more readable for the widest possible audience, the last Chapter on tennis has been written in a popular (non-rigorous) question & answer format.

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