In recent decades, composite materials have developed very rapidly and the applications continue to be of increasing importance. Composite Materials Engineering, the three-volume reference book, offers an integrated and completely up-to-date coverage on composite materials. Vol. 1 provides an introduction and the fundamentals of composite materials, covering reinforcements of composites, polymer matrix materials, textile composites, interfaces of composites and mechanics and the design of composites. Vol. 2 focuses on several important composite materials and provides detailed descriptions about the properties, the production technologies and the applications of these composite materials, including advanced polymer matrix composites, thermoplastic polymer matrix composites, metal matrix composites, etc. Vol. 3 mainly focuses on key points and know-how regarding the application of composite materials, including the design and analysis of composite structures, performance testing, characterization and quality control of composites. In the final chapter, there are overviews of several new types of composite materials as well as the recent development trends. This book will be of value to scientists, engineers and researchers in advanced materials and manufacturing engineering as a comprehensive reference book. It also will provide an introduction for postgraduate students in materials science and engineering.

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