The go-with-you guide for creating strong compositions every time you take a photoComposition requires purposeful placement of elements within the frame, including backgrounds, foregrounds, main subjects, and much more. It can take years to acquire strong compositional skills. That's where Composition Digital Field Guide comes in. Packed with full-color photos, this handy guide teaches you how to bring together photographic elements to produce photos that are unique, creative, and memorable.Addresses the skills required to master the art of good composition when taking digital photosWalks you through framing your images carefully, which is the first key step in capturing a strong photographFeatures hundreds of stunning and inspiring full-color photos of people, wildlife, and landscapesIncludes the newest feature of the Digital Field Guide series: a removable color checker card to help ensure true color in your photographsIt will be difficult to keep your composition while reading the invaluable advice in Composition Digital Field Guide!

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