Elevated temperatures have significant effects on the properties of both fresh and hardened concrete. They can make construction difficult and reduce the long-term durability of structures. The effects of high temperatures must therefore always be taken into account in the design and construction of concrete structures in hot environments. This book describes these effects in detail and explains the mechanisms involved with particular reference to their practical aspects. The subjects of concrete and concreting in hot environments have been dealt with in many scientific papers and in a few symposia. This book, however, is the first to present a unified and comprehensive treatment of the subject. The main topics covered are: Portland cement; setting and hardening; mineral admixtures and blended cements; workability; early volume changes and cracking; strength; drying shrinkage; creep; durability of concrete; and corrosion of reinforcement. Concrete in Hot Environments will be of great value to engineers and scientists involved in modern concrete technology both in civil and structural engineering projects and in research and development.

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