Condensed Matter Theories, Volume 24 (With Cd-Rom) - Proceedings Of The 32Nd International Workshop


This unique volume presents the scientific achievements of outstanding scientists from different countries working in diverse areas of Condensed Matter Physics. Drawn from the 32nd International Workshop on Condensed Matter Theories held in Loughborough in August 2008, these 46 papers, while centered on the concepts and techniques of theoretical condensed matter physics, also address broad issues of common concern for all physicists. It is particularly relevant to theorists who apply advanced many-particle methods in other areas of physics.The primary topics covered in the paper contributions include: statistical mechanics, nonlinear dynamics, quantum Fermi and Bose liquids, boson condensates, strongly correlated electron systems, superconductivity and phase transitions. Among the specific questions addressed and discussed are modern theories of graphene, Quantum Hall Effect, models of social dynamics, which are based on the example of Obama-McCain election, extraordinary magnetoresistance, supercooled atomic gases, transitions between various magnetic states in different systems made from magnetic nanoparticles, order-disorder-order phase transitions in spin frustrated systems, embolic stroke and semifluxon dynamics in extended Josephson junctions. The book provides the latest updated information on modern Condensed Matter Theories and the methods used. The many recent developments in the field such as the discovery of graphene or of new phenomena in supercooled gases or of an extraordinary magnetoresistance augur well for this timely publication. The main value of the book lies in the diversity of topics being covered comprehensively, which puts the book in a primary position in the modern market.

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