Build up your confidence levels and become more effective in all areas of your lifeSelf-confidence is more than just a feeling inside – it's an indispensable ingredient for success in life. Written by two of the most sought-after executive coaches in the world, Confidence For Dummies, 2nd Edition arms you with proven tools and techniques for overcoming insecurity and social inhibitions, and for learning how to think and behave with more confidence at work, socially, and even in love. Know where you stand – gauge your confidence level, identify which aspects of your life need confidence-building, and find out what's keeping you stuck in placeGet on track – tailor a personal programme for creating the new super-confident you that you want to present to the worldFind your focus – find out how to let go of perfectionism and unrealistic expectationsProject self-confidence – broadcast your new-found confidence to the world and connect more easily with othersOpen the book and find:What confidence is and where it comes fromHow to connect confidently through social mediaTop tips to prepare you for a presentation or job interviewAdvice for approaching romantic relationships with confidenceHow to say 'No' with confidenceWays to recover quickly from any setbackLearn to:Recognise your strengths and believe in your abilityDevelop your confidence both personally and professionallyGet the results you want, whatever the situation

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