Speak up and succeed.Fear of snakes makes sense. After all, snakes bite! On the other hand, fear of public speaking is worth overcoming. This book is an excellent place to start.-Seth Godin, bestselling author of Purple Cow and Free Prize InsideYour ability to speak confidently on your feet will impress more people and open more doors than you can imagine. The Confident Speaker shows you how.-Brian Tracy, bestselling author of The Psychology of SellingEureka! This book is exactly what every beginning speaker needs.-Dottie Walters, CSP, bestselling author of Speak and Grow RichWhen we speak in public, we convey our knowledge, our interest in others, and our value. Now, thanks to Monarth and Kase, their book The Confident Speaker opens that door to successful public speaking.-Susan RoAne, bestselling author of How To Work A Room

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