This 2nd updated edition is an entry-level text covering all aspects of deployment, not just medical or health-related, for use by health professionals in a resource-constrained environment brought about by local conflict or natural disasters. Since the 1st edition (2002), there have been seismic changes following the terrorist assault on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. The Middle East, the Far East and parts of Africa are convulsed by conflict, verging on civil war. Colossal natural disasters have since occurred Tsunamis (SE Asia), Earthquakes (Iran, Turkey, and Pakistan), a Hurricane (Gulf of Mexico). The working environment for the prospective humanitarian volunteer has changed forever. The book covers preparation, organisation, logistics, treatment of major trauma and medical emergencies, and the problems of delivering medicine in hostile/remote environments. It bridges the fields of medicine, nursing, international relations, history, politics and economics and also touches on nutrition, infection, trauma, psychiatry, and psychological medicine, and training.

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