WILL Deflation and depression really happen? WHAT Causes deflation and depression? CAN The Fed or the President prevent deflation? WHERE Can you find the few exceptionally sound banks, insurers, gold dealers and other essential service providers that can help you protect your wealth? HOW Should you arrange your finances and your life in order to survive the depression, prosper while it?s happening, and take advantage of the unprecedented opportunity coming at the next major bottom? Not one in ten thousand investors will think to ask these questions, even as their financial institutions may be lurching toward insolvency. From 2002: "This book outlines brilliantly and simply the rationale for how and why the bubble developed. Prechter will go down in history as a legend for having predicted the secular bull market and now having provided a lucid description of the economic cataclysm that unfortunately lies ahead. I urge you to read this book and give it...

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