The easy way to get a green thumb in container gardening!Want to spruce up your indoor or outdoor space with annuals, perennials, vegetables, and succulents? This updated edition of Container Gardening For Dummies gives you clear, concise step-by-step instructions for cultivating delightful gardens in everything from a redwood window box to a hanging basket to an old watering can. It also includes color photos to inspire your designs.Getting the dirt on container gardening discover the advantages of growing plants in containers and learn how to maximize your garden conditions to help plants thrivePicking a pot to plant in take a look around your living space and determine the best location and type of container for your gardenEnjoying a summer fling get the lowdown on the best single-season flowers, vegetables, and bulbs for container growingPutting down roots find out which perennials, trees, shrubs, fruits, and berries give year-round impact Designing and decorating take advantage of ideas and inspiration for creating eye-catching container gardening displaysOpen the book and find:Things you need to know before plantingA quick primer on climateWhat to look for in a soil mixHow to work with perennials and annualsInformation you need to help you choose plantsWhy and when containers need water and fertilizerGuidance on replanting, repotting, and pruningTips for preventing insect pests and diseasesWays to liven up your space with trees, shrubs, and vinesLearn to:Choose, plant, and care for flowers, fruits, trees, and shrubsGrow vegetables and herbs just steps away from your kitchenCultivate charming gardens in any climatePrevent insects and diseases from invading containers the eco-friendly way

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